Our tribute to Phil Emmanuel

Phil Emmanuel (6 July 1952 – 24 May 2018)

Brisbane Shadows Players members are very shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of the brilliant guitar virtuoso Phil Emmanuel, and send our deepest condolences to the Emmanuel family.

Phil was widely regarded as Australia's greatest electric guitar player and one of the best in the world and we were very privileged to have Phil join us as special guest on two occasions on invitation of Phil's very good friend and member Tom Darcy.

Phil played at our December 2012 and March 2017 meetings and each time performed brackets of Shadows songs with our members in addition to some solo songs. Videos of all the songs from the meetings can be seen at the links above. [The photo of Phil Emmanuel below was taken at Brisbane Shadows Players in December 2012.]

For anyone wishing to donate to support Phil's family including funeral expenses there is a current GoFundMe campagn "Phil Emmanuel's Last Gig".

Phil Emmanuel at Brisbane Shadows Players 2012 meeting