Please click on the links in the left column of the table below to see videos of our performances each month

Our ninety-fifth meeting December 2020
Our ninety-fourth meeting November 2019
Our ninety-third meeting October 2019
Our ninety-second meeting September 2019
Our ninety-first meeting August 2019
Our ninetieth meeting July 2019
Our eighty-ninth meeting June 2019
Our eighty-eighth meeting May 2019
Our eighty-seventh meeting April 2019
Our eighty-sixth meeting March 2019
Our eighty-fifth meeting February 2019
Our eighty-fourth meeting January 2019
Our eighty-third meeting December 2018
Our eighty-second meeting November 2018
Our eighty-first meeting October 2018
Our eightieth meeting September 2018
Our seventy-ninth meeting August 2018
Our seventy-eighth meeting July 2018
Our seventy-seventh meeting June 2018
Our seventy-sixth meeting May 2018
Our seventy-fifth meeting April 2018
Our seventy-fourth meeting March 2018
Our seventy-third meeting February 2018
Our seventy-second meeting January 2018
Our seventy-first meeting December 2017
Our seventieth meeting November 2017
Our sixty-ninth meeting October 2017
Our sixty-eighth meeting September 2017
Our sixty-seventh meeting August 2017
Our sixty-sixth meeting July 2017
Our sixty-fifth meeting June 2017
Our sixty-fourth meeting May 2017
Our sixty-third meeting April 2017
Our sixty-second meeting March 2017
Our sixty-first meeting February 2017
Our sixtieth meeting January 2017
Our fifty-ninth meeting December 2016
Our fifty-eighth meeting November 2016
Our fifty-seventh meeting October 2016
Our fifty-sixth meeting September 2016
Our fifty-fifth meeting August 2016
Our fifty-fourth meeting July 2016
Our fifty-third meeting June 2016
Our fifty-second meeting May 2016
Our fifty-first meeting March 2016
Our fiftieth meeting February 2016
Our forty-ninth meeting January 2016
Our forty-eighth meeting December 2015
Our forty-seventh meeting November 2015
Our forty-sixth meeting October 2015
Our forty-fifth meeting September 2015
Our forty-fourth meeting August 2015
Our forty-third meeting July 2015
Our forty-second meeting June 2015
Our forty-first meeting May 2015
Our fortieth meeting April 2015
Our thirty-ninth meeting March 2015
Our thirty-eighth meeting February 2015
Our thirty-seventh meeting January 2015
Our thirty-sixth meeting December 2014
Our thirty-fifth meeting November 2014
Our thirty-fourth meeting October 2014
Our thirty-third meeting September 2014
Our thirty-second meeting August 2014
Our thirty-first meeting July 2014
Our thirtieth meeting June 2014
Our twenty-ninth meeting May 2014
Our twenty-eighth meeting April 2014
Our twenty-seventh meeting March 2014
Our twenty-sixth meeting February 2014
Our twenty-fifth meeting January 2014
Our twenty-fourth meeting December 2013
Our twenty-third meeting November 2013
Our twenty-second meeting October 2013
Our twenty-first meeting September 2013
Our twentieth meeting August 2013
Our nineteenth meeting July 2013
Our eighteenth meeting June 2013
Our seventeenth meeting May 2013
Our sixteenth meeting April 2013
Our fifteenth meeting March 2013
Our fourteenth meeting February 2013
Our thirteenth meeting January 2013
Our twelfth meeting December 2012
Our eleventh meeting November 2012
Our tenth meeting October 2012
Our ninth meeting September 2012
Our eighth meeting August 2012
Our seventh meeting July 2012
Our sixth meeting June 2012
Our fifth meeting May 2012
Our fourth meeting April 2012
Our third meeting March 2012
Our second meeting February 2012
Our first meeting January 2012