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MARCH 2012

In the absence of a drummer, Quentin accompanied us with wonderful keyboard drums improvisation so we were almost a complete band. As a result I think we all felt we played better and we certainly enjoyed playing more this time. We were also very pleased to welcome new members Graham and lead guitarist Tom.

Tom provided us with some really brilliant and spirited playing during the afternoon. Quentin teamed up with John C. for great renditions of Telstar and Time Is Tight and Dick gave us a demo of his superb new 12-string AD6 Burns baritone which added even more variety to the afternoon.

Gear used on the day included:

TVS3, Magic Stomp with EFTP, Maton EA80C guitar through AER Domino amp, Fender Custom Shop classic Strat with Kinman Impersonator 54 pickups, two home built Strats, Roland RS5 keyboard ...

Below is a selection of videos performed by Brisbane Shadows Players on 10th March 2012. Please note that due to sound recording problems some excellent performances were unable to be presented in their entirity. Fortunately some audio tracks were also recorded at the same time and have been synchronised as closely as possible to their complete videos in Shindig and Reef Break, two of the best of the day.

Please also take a listen to the audio recording of Pipeline by Tom, Glenn and John. Unfortunately this was not captured on video as well.


Full performance

A selection of performances
Time Is Tight

I Go To Pieces

Reef Break

Full performance
Theme For Young Lovers

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt

Full performance

Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me

Full performance