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Our latest meeting on 12th May 2012 was again a big success enjoyed by all, despite numbers being down due to unforeseen circumstances and other commitments.

We were very pleased to welcome new member Lindsay who gave excellent lead and rhythm performances on his beautiful Gretsch. Lindsay also enjoyed the afternoon very much and will join us at our future meetings as often as possible.

Along with Lindsay, John C. and Graham showed their wonderful musical talent and versatility by stepping in to play rhythm throughout the afternoon and minimising the need for backing tracks. John and Graham played some numbers together and inspired a spot of singing too! Quentin also gave us some great tunes on his new keyboard.

Below are some videos from the afternoon.



Blue Star

Foot Tapper






The Breeze and I

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt

Theme from The High and Mighty

Wipe Out

Wonderful Land
You're The Reason