Our eighth meeting

Our August meeting was a very big success with some fantastic playing and sound and a great variety of tunes. We also enjoyed meeting and listening to some of our members who joined us for the first time along with family and friends. As a bonus we even gained an additional drummer who is now an enthusiastic new member and hopes to be able to attend future meetings!

Below are some videos from the afternoon and we've also added some photos here.






Foot Tapper


Forty Miles of Bad Road

South of the Border

Genie with the Light Brown Lamp

The Breeze and I


The Girls

I Could Easily Fall in Love with You

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt

Lucky Lips

The Young Ones

My Resistance is Low

Tiki Stomp


Time is Tight

Peace Pipe

When the Girl in Your Arms


White Rabbit

* 'Tiki Stomp' was composed by the lead guitarist of a Brisbane band called 'The Tikis' back in 1964 but the tune was never recorded.