Our fourth meeting

Brisbane Shadows Players met for the 4th time on 14th April 2012 and were very pleased to welcome our newest member, Barry who brought along his Pearl export drum kit. For the first time our lead players were able to play with a full band - Glenn on rhythm, John on bass, Barry on drums and Quentin on his new Yamaha Mox 6 keyboard with some great sounds.

A highlight of the day was when Peter produced from a very nice guitar case, his beautiful new Burns Apache in translucent red finish. Not only did it look superb, but it also had a fantastic sound, as can be heard on the videos, though the live sound was even better.

Once again it was a highly successful meeting enjoyed by all. Below are some videos from the afternoon and we've also added some photos here.


Dance On


Foot Tapper

Genie with the Light Brown Lamp

It's a Man's World

It's Been a Blue Day

Man Of Mystery







The Breeze And I

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt

The Savage

Theme For Young Lovers

Time Is Tight
Wonderful Land