Our second meeting

On 11th February 2012, Brisbane Shadows Players held our second meeting, every bit as successful as our first and even more relaxed. We were very pleased to welcome our newest member, Keith and once again we enjoyed a fantastic range of gear and tunes.

We've included here a short video of some of the performances from the day as well as some photos.

Guitars, effects, amps and tunes from the day

  • "Theme for Young Lovers", "Sleepwalk", "It's been a Blue Day"
    1990s Fernandes Revival series guitar (copy of a 1962 Fender stratocaster) with Dimarzio Blue Velvet front and middle pickups with a Red Velvet pickup (slightly hotter) in the Bridge position. Zoom G7.1ut with Charlie Hall's EFTP patches. Home built 5F6A Fender Bassman amp with 2 x 12 inch Jensen Neo speakers.
  • "Atlantis", "Peace Pipe", "Round and Round"
    Home built Strat pieced together from parts bought on eBay with Fender electrics.
  • "Sacha", "Wipe Out", "Bombora", "Pipeline"
    Fender Custom Shop classic Stratocaster with Kinman Impersonator 54 pickups and 11 - 52 strings.
  • "Geronimo", "In The Shadows"
    Home built Strat, Laney LV200 amp with a 12" Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speaker, Magic Stomp with Charlie Hall's EFTP patches.
  • "The High and the Mighty", "Spring is Nearly Here"
    Gretsch G6120DSW (front/neck pick-up for both songs), Korg/VOX Snakecharmer compressor, TVS3 echo, Atlantis 1 echo, Korg/VOX VibraVox, VOX AC-30 Brilliant channel (IN/OUT), Korg/VOX Over-the-Top-Boost, VOX AC-30 Pentode channel, EV 15" TL bin.
  • "Dance On", "Southern Rora", "Foot Tapper", "Round and Round"
    Fender Squier, Yamaha GW33, Zoom 508, Fender Squier amp.
  • "Theme for something really important", "Cavatina", "Dance On", "Geronimo"
    American Standard Stratocaster.