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Our September meeting was the most enjoyable and successful yet where we were honoured and delighted to have Gary Taylor from Perth as our very special guest! It was a wonderful experience for our members to perform with Gary and enjoy Gary's brilliant playing and to meet and chat with Gary during the afternoon.

Thanks very much for the most fantastic afternoon, Gary and we all hope you'll be back to visit again before too long!

Our members especially thank John Green for his wonderful work in initiating and organising Gary's visit and also to the members who helped ensure this very special event ran so smoothly.

Other highlights of the afternoon were the first visit to our club by Quentin's son, Daniel who performed a superb version of 'Midnight', and Lindsay and Howard performing and meeting up with each other for the first time since 1965. Lindsay and Howard performed "The Lost City", "It's a Man's World", "Theme from a Filleted Place" and "Blue Star".

Below are some videos from the afternoon including those with Gary and our members, Glenn Wielemaker (rhythm), John Green (bass) and Roy Beckerman (drums). An interview with Gary and Gary's solo performances can be seen on this page.

Videos (arranged alphabetically)

Click here for videos of Gary's solo performances including an interview with Gary.

Brisbane Shadows Players

Apache (Gary Taylor: lead)

Scarlett O'Hara



Blue Sky Blue Sea Blue Me (Gary Taylor: bass)


Blue Star

The Frightened City (Gary Taylor: lead)

Guitar Tango

The Lost City

It's a Man's World

The Stranger


Theme for Young Lovers

Man of Mystery (Gary Taylor: lead)

Theme for Young Lovers (Gary Taylor: harmony lead)


Theme from a Filleted Place